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Conscious Leadership Guild

Purpose & Focus:

1.     We believe that Conscious Leadership is desperately needed in the world today. We have formed this Guild to elevate the consciousness of our members, nourish one another, and improve our skills in bringing conscious leadership into our organizations, communities, and the world at large. In order to achieve this purpose, our members will freely share wisdom, knowledge, and resources with each other. This sharing will happen in many ways including virtual gatherings, newsletters, articles and blogs, conference calls, mentoring programs, and two annual in-person gatherings.

2.     We do not engage in certification or bestowing of credentials. 

3.     Collaborations of various types among members will be encouraged.

4.     We do not engage in political causes, or allow the Guild’s name to be associated with any public policy.


5.     Our Guild shall be incorporated as a non-profit Benefit Corporation. 

6.     Our governing body shall consist of seven members from various disciplines and different geographic regions. These members may be of any sex, sexual orientation, race, or religion. The initial members of the board shall have one, two, or three-year terms. Thereafter members shall have rotating three-year terms.

7.     The Governing Board shall vote on any new policies or procedures, or changes in existing policies and procedures.


8.     Creating and maintaining the Guild is a work of love and all members shall volunteer their time and services.

9.     In keeping with the spirit of the Guild, all members shall bear their own expenses.

10.  Administrative and miscellaneous costs shall be covered by nominal dues assessed on each member.


11.  “Founding Members” shall be those who were actively involved in the conception and formation of the Guild. This body consists of 18 people. See “About” for their names and affiliations. 

12.  Founding Members have determined initial procedures, policies, and guiding principles for the Guild functioning.

13.  Our members shall be professionals (consultants, trainers, executive coaches, etc.), executives (entrepreneurs and officers in business, government and non-profit), and academics (faculty and administrators of educational institutions). We will continually strive to have balanced and diverse representation from each group.

14.  New prospective members shall be sponsored by two existing members and approved by a membership committee vote; any two existing members voting against approval of a prospective member shall result in non-approval. 

15.  We seek actively-engaged and high-quality members, not simply large numbers. New prospective members will be admitted based on their perceived consciousness and congruence with what the Guild members collectively represent.

16.  Members shall be encouraged to volunteer for a Guild service commitment based on our personal interests and time availability; a service commitment is not a condition of membership.

17.  Members shall be encouraged to leave their egos at the door whenever we gather, be it face-to-face or virtually; the intent is for Guild members to feel at ease and relaxed at Guild events where everyone can experience a “safe” environment.

18.  Members may be asked to leave the Guild if they do any of the following:

·             Solicit business from other Guild members; 

·                Promote themselves to the Guild membership;

·               Use their membership in the Guild to promote themselves to the public. 

19.  While the Guild’s initial membership will be largely U.S.-based, it is our intention to attract members from other countries and other cultures. 

20.  In addition to members sharing our wisdom and knowledge with one another, the Guild will develop an Associates Program whereby younger people entering the field of Conscious Leadership can be mentored by the more experienced members; the mentor/mentee relationships will be similar to sponsor/sponsee relationships in A.A.; also similar to apprenticeship programs carried on by European guilds between the 11th and 16thcenturies. 

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