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Our Purpose

The purpose of the Conscious Leadership Guild is to strengthen the competency and consciousness of its members in order to have more conscious leadership* in place throughout the world, to serve as a community of practice for its members sharing their wisdom, processes and knowledge with one another.

*We define conscious leadership as standing for living and working more consciously while committing ourselves to being 100% responsible for the impact we have in the world.

Why a Guild?

Guilds were popular in medieval Europe for several centuries, serving as professional associations for merchants and craftspeople. They faded into oblivion when they became self-serving and politically unpopular. The core of their original purpose was to be a learning community where talents and skills could be enhanced and younger artisans could learn from older, more experienced members. This is the spirit in which the Conscious Leadership Guild has been formed.

(“The Haarlem Painter’s Guild” in 1675, a painting by Jan de Bray)

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