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 Guild’s Purpose and Guiding Principles

  • Purpose

    We are a sanctuary for each member to practice and expand conscious leadership through love, learning, and co-creation. 

    We reawaken people’s connection to Source and inspire them to be conscious leaders.

    Our mission is to embody and ignite the urgent need to lead with love. 

    Heaven on Earth is possible now. It takes a critical mass of skilled, conscious leaders who listen and respond to Source and allow it to act through them. By holding a transformational space where compassion and suffering co-exist, and where being and doing are in balance, we reveal and create a world of love, life, and flourishing. 

    We believe that Conscious Leadership is desperately needed in the world today. The Guild was founded to elevate the consciousness of our members; nourish one another; and improve our skills in bringing conscious leadership into our organizations, communities, and the world at large. In order to achieve this, our members will freely share wisdom, knowledge, and resources with one another. This sharing will happen in many ways, including virtual gatherings, newsletters, articles, and blog posts in addition to conference calls, mentoring programs, and two annual online and/or in-person gatherings.

    Member Engagement

    Our basic maxim: Members receive value based upon their participation. This value has the unlimited potential for growth when we create space in our hearts and time in our schedules to consciously engage with the Guild. Participating members note that the more they share their unique gifts with the community, the more value they receive as their Guild connections expand and grow.

    What does it mean to be a Guild member? 

    Originally envisioned as more than a group one simply joins—the Guild is a community of practice where conscious leaders can share wisdom and grow together. In accepting the invitation to become a member, we are accepting what we feel called to contribute to the Guild and its purpose through our participation. While members may define participation in their own way, the Guild asks of you—and welcomes—your gift of participation in any form or size. Taken as a whole, our gifts of participation bring love, spirit, and power to the Guild’s consciously initiated collaboration, resulting in meaningful actions on the part of individual members and beyond.

    Guiding Principles

    We define principles as beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes. 

  1. Participation is the Guild’s fundamental principle; it is the value exchange of what holds the Guild together and is core to receiving meaning from your membership. At the center of this principle lies the intelligence of our hearts; the freshness of our perceptions; and ultimately, the deep feeling of connection that we have with each other. 
  2. We do not engage in political causes or allow the Guild’s name to be associated with any public policy.
  3. Collaborations of various types among members are encouraged; however, we do not engage in certification or bestowing of credentials. 
  4. Given our commitment to the growth and development of self and others, members are encouraged to leave their egos at the door for all gatherings—online or face-to-face. The intent is to co-create a safe environment where Guild members feel comfortable and at ease.
  5. Guild members are soul and heart-centered, treating all living things with respect.
  6. Guild members are open to learning from a place of curiosity and Beginner’s Mind with a willingness to challenge the status quo.
  7. Guild members are also willing to engage with and reveal one’s whole self (including shadow) through active self-awareness, acceptance, inquiry and friendliness in the face of reactivity (their own and others). 
  8. Guild members are Source-connected, using multiple sources of knowing—including intuition.
  9. Guild members exemplify integrity and high ethical standards and have a demonstrated commitment to conscious leadership. 
  10. Guild members are collaborative.
  11. Guild members demonstrate playfulness and have a sense of humor. 


  • Our Guild is incorporated in the State of California as a Non-profit Mutual Benefit Corporation. 
  • Our governing Board consists of members from various disciplines and different geographic regions and may be of any sex, orientation, race, nationality, and/or religion. 
  • Board members vote on any new policies, procedures or changes in existing policies and procedures. 
  • Members have rotating two or three-year terms and are elected by remaining Board members. 


  • The Guild’s member base spans the globe, as we continually attract diverse members from many countries and other cultures. 
  • Administrative and miscellaneous costs are covered by nominal dues assessed on each member.
  • Creating and maintaining the Guild is a deed of love; all members shall volunteer their time and services.
  • Founding Members are those who were involved in the conception and formation of the Guild, consisting of 18 people. 
    • See “About” for Founding Member names and affiliations.
  •  Inaugural Members were selected and pre-approved by Founding Members and accepted inaugural invitations to join the Guild. 
  • We seek actively engaged, high-quality members, not simply large numbers. Contributing Members are nominated and sponsored by at least two existing members and voted in by the Membership Committee based on perceived consciousness and congruence with what Guild members collectively represent. 
    • No more than one sponsor can be a family member; and any sponsor who does not know the nominee already is responsible to interview the nominee and report the result. 
    • The nomination, when sent to the Membership Committee for approval, shall include the reasons why each sponsor feels the nominee is qualified for membership, including links to a bio, website, LinkedIn profile, and/or sample writings.
    • Any two existing Committee members voting against approval of a nomination for a prospective member ends the application, resulting in non-approval. 
    • Sponsors are notified of the decision who in turn notify the nominated candidate with a copy to the Guild Administrator.
    • In the case of the nomination not being supported by the Membership Committee, sponsors will have an opportunity to discuss the vote with the Committee prior to it becoming final.
  • Members may be asked to leave the Guild if they:
    • Solicit business from other Guild members.
    • Promote themselves to the Guild membership.
    • Use their membership in the Guild to promote themselves to the public. 

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