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Conscious Leadership Guild

Membership in the Guild includes organizational leaders, professionals who support organizational leaders in leading more consciously, and academics who research and teach the principles of conscious leadership (see graphic below).

Guild members have conscious leadership at the center of their work, whether they are using it to lead their organization, coach or consult leaders or teaching. Conscious leadership has other labels such as “transformative leadership,” “evolutionary leadership,” “authentic leadership” and many others, since thought leaders throughout the world have created a multitude of labels. We chose the term because it explicitly includes a conscious approach to leading.

Founding Members are the 18 men and women who formed the Guild.

Inaugural Members are the pre-approved people who accepted our inaugural invitations to join.

Contributing Members are nominated by at least two existing members and voted in by a select committee of members.

Becoming a Guild Member

To become a Contributing Member of the Guild you must be nominated or sponsored by two existing members. If you accept our invitation you’ll be approved by a team of existing members. There is currently no established process by which individuals who do not have a personal connection with any existing members may apply.


When we nominate someone to become a Guild member, we become their Sponsor. After the new members are invited and accept the Guild invitation, Sponsors are encouraged to coach their Sponsees on how to best engage with the Guild and its members so that they receive the most value from of their membership. 

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